John Lucas writes with intimacy and depth, spanning musically from sweeping cinematic scores to bare-bones acoustic. Lucas's lyrics are raw, honest, and challenging...but delivered with the warmth of a close friend.

His latest project, “We Walk in the Garden”, releases everywhere 7/22.
The album is a dance of unity and mystery, doubt and hope.

Lucas's music has been placed on TV shows shown on MTV and Freeform, corporate ads including Google, and has received hundreds of licenses for small businesses, non-profits, and wedding films. Licensing now exclusively through Musicbed.

Lucas has been recording music for ten years…starting with a slow and very used Macbook running Garageband in his basement, and putting the songs online for free. After a handful of self-produced EPs, Lucas began growing a stronger following. He joined forces with producer and engineer Everett Hardin to record “Promised Land” in 2015 - funded by supporters through Kickstarter. Lucas has since recorded several more projects - “A Thousand Cathedrals” in 2017, “Family X” in 2018, and “We Walk in the Garden” in 2019.

Lucas and his wife, Danielle, will soon celebrate five years of marriage. Since becoming married, their typical routine has been to work for a couple of years and then to drop everything to travel. They have four years of experience working with teens and children in therapeutic care and group foster care.
They have traveled most of the U.S. together, as well as to over a dozen countries.
Lucas and Danielle are currently putting down roots where they met, in the small mountain town of Boone, NC.


Visit the artist's blog, The Pursuit of Bravery, here