You Are My Christmas Lyrics and Credits

Released November 19, 2018
Produced and engineered by Everett Hardin
Written and performed by John Lucas Kovasckitz
Cello - Everett Hardin
Background vocals - Erin Deuel

Darling, lay beside me 
Let's remember stories 
Shared with the mountains 
And the redwood trees
You are my wilderness 
Refuge of my heart 
You are my North Star  
When we are apart 

You are my front porch  
When the world is fright'ning 
You are my whisper  
Through thunder and lightning 
You are my favorite 
Creak on the stairs  
You are the answer  
To my childhood prayers 

You are the mantra 
That stills my soul 
You are the warm bed 
When burdens take their toll 
You are my poetry 
My steadfast always 
You are my Christmas 
On the dullest of days  

Oh you are my Christmas  
On the dullest of days